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Regardless of niche you are trying to break into, each and every small business needs to have employees. Even the best ideas and innovations needs workers to sell, deliver, greet, speak, and interact with customers. Most small business owners overlook the aspect of labor costs and how to deal with it. It is not as simple to hire someone for $12.00 an hour and then pay them at the end of the week. This is how most small business owners fail, by simple oversight. There are local, state, and federal labor laws to comply with. Time sheets no longer cut the mustard. The honor system should be out of the company altogether. A small business owners needs to take control of staff, time and attendance, along with lowering payroll costs.

MinuteHound has the tools to not only track employee attendance, but ensure no one is stealing time. This is a huge missed area to save money. Employees that work 8 hours a day on average steal 54 minutes! Between friends covering for friends at work, buddy punching and common human error these costs add up. A small business owners cannot afford to let this happen. MinuteHound will eliminate all forms of theft as well as provide detailed, crystal clear reports in order to pay employees promptly but more importantly, accurately.

Small Business Owner Manifesto

“Thou shall always increase profit while decreasing spending”. This is ideal! However, how does one accomplish such a task? How can an small business owner increase profit while slowing down the expenses. Every business is different, but one way is to only pay employees for the time they actually worked compared to what they wrote down. MinuteHound is very inexpensive and provides invaluable services to every client. Join the growing list of small business owners who successfully manage their staff, payroll, and costs.

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