Time and Attendance Solutions for Small Business Owners

Time and Attendance To Help Small Business Owners

Every small business owner knows the struggle of starting out and trying to maintain costs while earning a profit. Depending upon the number of employees the small business employs, labor costs are typically the number 1 expenditure. Labor costs can cripple a small business if not maintained and controlled. That is why MinuteHound time and attendance was developed. A business owner created this technology for other small business owners! Employees show up to work, press their finger to the scanner, then off to work they go. Same for end of day. This simple process ensures no buddy punching, no fraud, and no unauthorized overtime and padding hours. This simple system saves not only on payroll costs, but also completely eliminates human error and intended cheating.

If you are using pens, paper, punch cards or any other type of old technology then you are losing money. Point blank, cut and dry. These old methods is how employees cheat and steal time everyday. MinuteHound stops these cheaters in their tracks. Time and attendance is for every small business owner, regardless of industry. Employees have to record their time and MinuteHound uses biometrics to do this. You simply enroll their fingerprint, and each and every time they arrive/leave work they press their finger down on the scanner. Very simple process and reports are automatically generated and calculated for you. MinuteHound makes life easy for managers and small business owners.

How The Time and Attendance System Works

You purchase the scanner from MinuteHound and once it arrives, simply plug it in and download the software. It takes less than 10 minutes and you can call MinuteHound for assistance. Once it is setup, you just plug it in and go. Employees get enrolled and start using the system. Time and attendance is now automated and keeps employees honest 24/7. Online reports are cloud based so that you can access them from anywhere. Just download and submit for payroll. If you need to make any changes or corrections, you can do them straight from your browser.

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No training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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