The Time Clock Web Based Method for Teachers

Time Clock Web Based Is Seeing into the Future!

Being an educator is tough enough without the added responsibility of taking care of daily attendance records. Even in today’s technologically savvy world, there are still teachers who swear it’s the best method. Unfortunately, what worked 20 years ago simply isn’t effective now. If you’re still using traditional paper attendance sheets, you’re definitely making things hard for yourself.

Why Change to a Time Clock Web Based System?
What’s the best part of working? It’s getting paid unless you’re in charge of calculating attendance. The mountain of paperwork teachers have to deal with on a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly basis is an enormous hassle. It also takes away from other important responsibilities teachers have deal with on a daily basis. And although teachers are accustomed to using paper attendance time sheets, they open the door to human error. With a time clock web based system, teachers are able to check which students are present in half the time.

No longer do teachers need to do “standard” roll call. Inevitably, time spent correcting handwritten attendance errors results in a loss of time and money. It’s those little errors and slip ups that do the most damage when speaking in terms of financial loss. They have a direct impact on the classroom and its budget.

Payroll Software in the Classroom

Just as a manager needs to calculate payroll hours for employees, a teacher also needs to record students’ attendance. A time clock web based system eliminates the need to double check as its 100 percent accurate. This means more time teaching and less time wasted double checking for errors. In addition, a time clock web based strategy streamlines parent-teacher meetings in a snap. No longer do teachers need to waste time sorting through stacks of paper records. With a click of a mouse, they can pull up a student’s attendance record for verification with parents. This method is particularly effective when dealing with students who are truant.

Increased Levels of Safety in Schools

With tragic events occurring on a daily basis, using a time clock web based system would help protect students as well. With entrance and exits verifying a student’s fingerprint, schools would have constant accountability of all students. This way, at anytime from anywhere school officials could pull up a students name and find out where they are located.

Although this may seem odd to some, integration of a time clock web based attendance system could make the school experience considerably more pleasant for both teachers and students. And in the ever-changing digital world, it’s probably only a matter of time before these time of strategies are considered old-fashioned.

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