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Worry Free Payroll Using the Web Based Punch Clock

Are you looking for a method of eliminating time theft in the workplace? If you’re still using an outdated time card so that your employees can clock in and out of work, you could be losing a lot of money to time theft. With the assistance from MinuteHound, you can stop time theft for a few pennies per day in most cases.

How does it work? The company uses a web based punch clock that makes use of biometric fingerprint technology. Because the company never keeps the fingerprints on record and the system is cloud based, you have a completely green option that does not use paper. It brings the world one step closer to that much-desired paperless office. You have no hard-to-remember passwords, no pin codes and no cards to remember. Everything is simplified because the ultimate goal is to make the clocking in and out of work more convenient while eliminating time theft with the web based punch clock.

With the technology from MinuteHound, you do not have upfront costs, you do not have hidden fees and you also have no obligation because there is not a cancellation fee. With a time card, you have to reconcile and look at the hours on the payroll. That can take a lot of time and energy out of your business. With the web based punch clock, everything gets accomplished through accurate reports that will generate automatically. Imagine what you can do with that extra time?

Track Holidays, Vacation, and Sick Easily

The technology from this company helps to bring the power back to business owners. With MinuteHound’s real-time reporting, you will always understand what is going on with your business. Even when you are on vacation, you will still have the option to receive updates via email or text messaging. Whenever an employee clocks in or out of work using the web based punch clock, you can rest assured that you will know about it. When you are not informed, it can lead to inefficiencies in business. The web based punch clock does a better job of keeping you informed because it takes the obsolete time card, and it gives it a brilliant makeover with revolutionary technology that can save your company tens or even thousands of dollars every year.

This web based punch clock uses a fingerprint system that keeps the office environment honest. Because no one has the same fingerprint, this web based punch clock will completely eliminate time theft. Buddy punching costs businesses an average of five percent out of the total payroll, but when you use MinuteHound, you have the potential of a 2300 percent return on your investment. Because this web based punch clock provides you with irrefutable evidence of attendance, you have complete protection from lawsuits.

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