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Simplify Payroll with a Web Clock In Service

Getting ready for payday can be a chore, especially if you don’t have a good time accounting system in place. Payroll relies on having accurate times and tracking them throughout the pay period. Without a web clock in to help you track this data, you could be losing money. Here are just some of the benefits of using a web clock in and how they affect your business.

Log In Anytime, Anywhere with a Web Clock In
Having a web clock in service allows you to track your time from almost anywhere in the world. The technology used for the service is cloud-based, which means it can be seen anywhere with an Internet connection. Even if you don’t carry your big laptop around with you everywhere you go, you can still see your employee clock ins from your mobile device. This allows you to review data in a hurry, which is perfect for fixing payroll mistakes.

If you have a small team or an odd payroll schedule, you can quickly review times and be notified automatically of changes. Live reporting makes it easy to streamline the payroll process and keep up with attendance. A web clock in opens the door to a lot of possibilities within your company, including better management of employees and improved efficiency.

Improved Payroll Integrity Saves Your Company Money

Internet Based Time TrackingOne of the biggest benefits of using a web clock in service is the improved security. MinuteHound doesn’t just protect your data from being hacked, it helps prevent one of the biggest problems employers face: time theft. Unlike traditional time recording systems, MinuteHound uses biometric fingerprint technology to help ensure employees are recording their time properly. This helps improve payroll accuracy and can save your company money in the long run.

Cutting Payroll Costs with a Web Clock In
While all of these features are great for businesses, cost is still the deciding factor when choosing which services to invest in. One of the benefits of choosing a web clock in is the reduced cost. Because the service is cloud-based and doesn’t rely on a lot of manual labor, the cost of implementing a web-based time clock is actually very low. Companies like MinuteHound are charging pennies a day for their technology.

Even if web clock in prices seem high, they are well worth the cost. Businesses lose money every day due to time theft and inaccuracy in reporting. Switching from a traditional recording method helps you protect your business from loss. Using a modern system provides your company with a lot of benefits, making most traditional time clocks obsolete. To learn more about MinuteHound or about how to bring a web clock in service to your company, contact MinuteHound anytime!

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