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MinuteHound Can Reduce Financial Loss Related to Attendance

Many companies today have hourly employees who punch in when they arrive for a shift and who punch out when their shift is over. By punching into a time clock system, they are logging their hours, and payroll is processed off of this data. However, the American Payroll Association (APA), states that the average business may lose between two and eight percent due to attendance-related factors. MinuteHound is a time and attendance software program that eliminates these factors from the equation, and by doing so, your company can save money.

How MinuteHound Works
MinuteHound is a patented, cloud-based metric identification system, and it is the only time and attendance software program available to use. Because it is completely cloud-based, it can be accessed around-the-clock. Managers and business owners can view attendance records online in real-time at any time of day or night. They can quickly adjust scheduling due to attendance issues, and they can remedy some of the more common problems related to attendance. Many of these attendance problems can cost the company money, and some can affect customer service. This is a time and attendance software program designed help owners and managers better manage employees.

The Benefits of Using Time and Attendance Software

128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeMinuteHound is not the only time and attendance software program available to use, but it is among the best options available. It comes with a risk-free money-back gaurantee, so you can see how much money it can save without risk. Some employees unfortunately use a buddy system to punch in for a shift even when they are not on-site, and this may create loss, issues with performance or customer service due to poor staffing and other issues. This system requires employees to check in using their fingerprint. By doing so, this time and attendance software program renders the buddy system ineffective. You do not want to pay your employees for time when they were not actually in attendance, and this system requires the employee to physically check into the establishment with a fingerprint check to ensure that he or she is there in person.

When you search for effective time and attendance software programs to implement in your establishment, MinuteHound may be the solution you are searching for. With how much money this program can save by eliminating time clock theft, it more than pays for itself. It is easy to use, and you can begin implementing it without delay. This is a convenient way to reform your attendance and time clock system. Review the features of this program, and order MinuteHound today.

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