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Are you tired of tracking hours manually? Or do your workers’ hours not seem to add up? MinuteHound’s attendance machine software could be the answer. MinuteHound is intended to work with a USB fingerprint scanner. The scanner is part of your initial order and can be used with any PC. The attendance machine software will recognize the worker’s fingerprint and clock them in. Employees can clock in at a separate site, too, because the attendance machine software is cloud based. Any site with a computer and a scanner can clock workers in on your account.

Businesses looking to save money and not buy a scanner do have that option. Workers can clock in from any device using a username and password. The timestamp and IP address will be recorded. It will be easy to spot when an employee clocks in from home rather than being at work. Cloud solutions often prove to be security risks. Security isn’t a concern when using MinuteHound. The attendance machine software protects workers’ identities with 128 bit encryption on all data it generates.

Time and Attendance Machine Software is Safe and Secure

Fingerprint Clock in SystemMost businesses still use timecards or regular hour tracking software. These systems have accuracy issues. Paper timecards or magnetic strips can be passed between friends or false times written down. This leads to false clock ins or wasted hours. Using MinuteHound’s attendance machine software with the scanner reduces these problems. Each worker’s fingerprint is unique. No one can carry their buddy’s fingerprint with them.

A user designated as an admin can create work schedules for employees. That way the attendance machine software can recognize when a worker is late or leaves early. The attendance machine software then notifies a designated user via email or text. This allows the boss to always track worker attendance from any location. Weekly reports will be automatically generated by the MinuteHound attendance machine software. These reports can be viewed/downloaded in CSV and PDF at anytime. MinuteHound reports also help identify attendance trends. If a specific employee or team is struggling to clock in on time, it will appear in the report.

The exact price of scanners and monthly subscription varies by business. However, there is no contract, no cancellation fee, and no setup fee. Installing the attendance machine software is simple and painless. There’s also no risk for you. If you’re not happy, send back the scanner for a refund. MinuteHound will even cover the return shipping. There is no risk at all, try it today and see for yourself.

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