Traditional Staples Time Clock Vs Modern Technology

The Traditional Office is Disappearing — So Should the Traditional Time Clock

Employees used to stay all day in a single building. They had the same schedule each week. Those days are gone. Today, fewer and fewer people work in traditional offices. Now they spend their work days commuting to other branches and buildings, even working from home or remote locations. This means a Staples time clock simply isn’t going to work for the modern business. The MinuteHound Time Clock is the best way to manage attendance for mobile and modern businesses.

Unlike a Staples time clock, the MinuteHound Time Clock doesn’t need a dedicated computer. Instead, MinuteHound runs in the background. This means that employers can take their time clock with them anywhere. No extra equipment is required. They can simply install the software on their work laptop and have it ready to go. The MinuteHound Time Clock is also highly mobile. With a Staples time clock, employees have to punch in at a fixed location. With MinuteHound, employees can log their hours from their laptops, iPads, or smartphones anywhere. This means that employees can punch in at hotel conference rooms, at restaurants, or even at home.

The MinuteHound Time Clock is also harder to fool than a regular Staples time clock. First, the MinuteHound Time Clock requires a fingerprint to use. Employees can’t get a friend to punch in for them. Second, the time clock logs the IP address of where the punch in occurred. This means that employees can’t punch in at home when they’re really supposed to be in the office. Employers don’t have to worry about time clock cheaters.

Staples Time Clock Just Does Not Add Up

Innovation is MinuteHoundThe MinuteHound Time Clock can help employers monitor their employees in other ways, as well. If an employee arrives late or leaves early, MinuteHound will send the employer an e-mail alert or text message warning them. The employer doesn’t have to be at the office to see that a shift is cut short–they can receive these alerts anywhere. A Staples time clock can’t do that.

Finally, MinuteHound lets employers view time and attendance reports from anywhere. A Staples time clock usually requires an employer to check in at a specific clock or computer to view reports. With MinuteHound, they just need an Internet connection. From there, they can access live reporting at any time. Everyone knows that a boss does a lot of work outside of normal hours. With MinuteHound, they can answer questions around the clock. Help for the employer is round the clock, too. Unlike a Staples time clock, MinuteHound offers customer support at any time. So, for a modern business without a traditional model, a Staples time clock just won’t do. MinuteHound Time Clocks provide time and attendance solutions that beat tradition. They make it easier for anyone to do business in a mobile modern world.

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