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In matters of time and attendance payroll, MinuteHound time clocks provide the ultimate solution. Several companies have started using MinuteHound time clocks for their easy to use set-up and approach. Time clocks are an efficient manner for keeping time, enabling time and attendance payroll ease. Companies choose MinuteHound time clocks for their efficiency and numerous other benefits.

Accurate Time Solution
MinuteHound time clocks offer an accurate solution to keeping track of employee time. This is reflected in time and attendance payroll. When an employee arrives, his or her time is recorded accurately. This ensures accuracy with time and attendance payroll as an employee won’t be overpaid or underpaid.

Buddy Punching
When an employee arrives at work, he or she clocks in with the use of their unique fingerprint. No two people have the same set of fingerprints. For this reason, no other person can clock in for someone else. Where “buddy punching” was once a problem in the past, it is not an issue with MinuteHound time clocks. It is not possible to clock anyone else in.

Payroll Staff
With the use of MinuteHound time clocks, time and attendance payroll staff are not necessary. MinuteHound time clocks are easy to operate. Secretaries and other existing staff can operate MinuteHound’s time clock technology. Set-up is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. MinuteHound time clocks can be set up in one location or at individual computers for use.

Every business knows that there are busy and slow times. During the times when a business is not experiencing the need for high product or service output, a business is not in need of excessive staff. During these times when products and services are not in great need, it is wise to allow some staff to stay home. Through the use of MinuteHound time clocks, employers can view how many workers are on-hand any particular day to avoid the need for overstaffing.

Payroll Abuse
100% Secure Cloud Based Time Clock SoftwareIf there is an issue of time and attendance payroll abuse, it is easy to discover through the use of MinuteHound time clock reports. All information is kept electronically. This information can be printed out in reports so if there is a pattern of unverified overtime and other forms of time and attendance payroll abuse, it is visually evident. MinuteHound time clocks are a smart and easy solution to keeping employee time, which can be saved and viewed electronically, which avoids the need of time and attendance payroll and staff.

MinuteHound time clocks provides an accurate form of keeping employee time. Due to its accuracy and technology, it is impossible for employees to clock in other employees. Time clocks avoid the need of payroll staff and overstaffing of other employees. Time clocks keep accurate reports to ensure maximum payroll efficiency.

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