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MinuteHound is a cloud-based time clock and attendance tracking system that allows employees to clock in and out with their finger. By using biometric identification through the employees’ fingerprints, MinuteHound eliminates many common problems seen in alternative attendance system software. Employers can easily track up to the minute information about employees’ attendance, working hours, and tardiness. The system has the ability to send employees and managers notifications for a variety of situations. It also comes with a risk-free money back guarantee, and MinuteHound will even pay for the return shipping.

Biometric tracking alternative to traditional attendance system software
HinuteHound offers biometric tracking, which prevents many different time clock abuses. In many cases, employees will call a coworker if they are running late and have that coworker clock them in before they get there. They do this to prevent the managers from noticing tardiness. Similarly, employees also may leave work early and ask a coworker to clock out for them at a specific time. These situations are known as buddy punching. The use of fingerprints in the attendance system software helps prevent these abuses by removing the standard number codes or time cards from the equation. This can save employers an average of 2-8% on payroll according to the American Payroll Association (APA).

Cloud-based attendance system software
MinuteHound has a patent on cloud-based biometric identification, which means that no other biometric attendance system software can do what MinuteHound can do! The biggest benefit of cloud-based storage is the ability for managers and owners to easily access up to the minute attendance records. The storage is safe and encrypted, so employee information is safely transmitted without compromising privacy or security. Another benefit is reliability. If anything happens to the computer where MinuteHound is used, the time clock data is still safely stored off-site.

Notifications from attendance system software
Easy To Use Software & Live SupportAnother feature of MinuteHound that sets it apart from other attendance system software is the ability to send notifications through text messages (SMS) or email. If an employee is running late, the system can automatically send notifications to that employee and anybody else who would need that information. The system can also notify designated managers when the number of employees on the clock are too low or too high. MinuteHound offers many notification customization options so managers can get the information they need when they need it to prevent unapproved overtime or other time clock abuses.

The best alternative to traditional attendance system software
MinuteHound can easily reduce payroll costs and help track payroll up to the minute without all the time clock manipulation allowed by other systems, making it the best alternative to the traditional attendance system software.

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