High-Tech | Easy To Use: Time and Attendance Systems Review

Time And Attendance Systems Review

No matter how big a business is, owners often go crazy wondering whether their employees show up on time. This is becoming more of a problem for many companies with friends punching other workers in and out. This time and attendance systems review will take a close look at how MinuteHound can help businesses stop this trend.

A Unique System

MinuteHound utilizes a USB fingerprint device that is connected to an existing computer and allows employees to either clock out or in. With an Internet connection and an existing computer, MinuteHound becomes the company’s clock-in machine. Many time and attendance systems review have great things to say about this state-of-the-art technology.

A lot of time and attendance systems review highlight the fact that MinuteHound provides attendance information in real time that managers can easily monitor from any computer that has Internet access. It also provides users the choice to print this information by exporting it to an Excel, PDF, ASCII or spreadsheet file.

High-Tech Storage System

Unlike other time clocks, MinuteHound has a unique data storage system. After clocking-in or out with a fingerprint scanner, a patented process encrypts the employee data. It is then fragmented and sent to four secure servers that are located in different places.

Because of this, an employee’s data cannot be reverse engineered, and this makes it very hard for privacy to be compromised. This feature leaves quite an impression in many time and attendance systems review. At the same time, a designated manager may choose to receive email alerts regarding exceptions to an employee’s schedule.

According to time and attendance systems review, this system also helps eliminate fraud. Although a lot of companies want to think that all of their employees are honest, this is often not the case. The MinuteHound attendance system is one of the greatest ways to eliminate time fraud and theft in the workplace. According to time and attendance systems review of MinuteHound, this unique attendance monitoring method helps eliminate workplace fraud such as buddy punching.

Money Saving Product

Green Time and Attendance-No PaperMany time and attendance systems review also noted that MinuteHound is a product that does not require much money to install. All it takes is for the company to purchase a USB fingerprint scanner and pay a small monthly service fee. These features make the cost of installing and operating MinuteHound a fraction of the purchase price of any other attendance and time solution.

At the same time, the majority of time and attendance systems review praise MinuteHound for its availability online along with no hidden extra charges. The service also does not have any hidden fees, cancellation charges or penalties. Updates are always free and there is no long term obligation required. What makes MinuteHound great is that it has a number of price plans that are designed to meet everyone’s budget. The systems scanner can easily be returned if users are not satisfied with its performance, and MinuteHound will even cover the return shipping costs.

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MinuteHound Time and Attendance Systems Review.

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