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MinuteHound’s Top of the Line Time and Attendance System

What are you really getting with your new time clock system? Take a look through the time clock system reviews online. While the photos of the time clocks displayed are well packaged, the time clock system reviews tell a different story. Business owners who have purchased the systems have noticed problems such as difficult installation.

Other problems that come up in the time clock system reviews were devices that don’t work with the businesses’ current software or system software that is hard to use. Many time clock system reviews reveal that the companies making the systems have poor customer service. Customer service is part of what sets a good company apart from a great company. Who else are you supposed to turn to with your problems and questions?

MinuteHound’s Great Time Clock System Reviews

Now take a look at the incredible time clock system reviews on MinuteHound’s website! MinuteHound’s time clock system comes with all of the features you expect in top-of-the-line systems.

  • Plug and play installation. If you can connect your computer’s keyboard to your computer, you can install MinuteHound.
  • Biometric technology. MinuteHound’s patented USB fingerprint scanner clocks your employees in with the swipe of a finger. It also eliminates buddy punching which saves your business money at payroll time.
  • Easy to use software. MinuteHound creates detailed reports that can be exported to most of your existing applications. These reports are easy to work with and understand. Filters are available to help you see specific information. MinuteHound will calculate totals and keep track of hours worked, days off, vacation days, sick days, holidays and more.
  • Data stored on Cloud. All of your employee data is stored on MinuteHound’s secure remote server. This makes MinuteHound easy to access from any device connected to the internet! Works in real time. You can see who is clocked in at your business at any time during the day.
  • Great customer service. MinuteHound has U.S. based customer service available by phone or e-mail around the clock. If you have any problems, questions, or concerns MinuteHound would be happy to help you out.
  • Small price tag. MinuteHound costs only a fraction of what most traditional punch time clocks cost!

Nothing Compares to MinuteHound

The time clock system reviews say it all. You want the best for your company and the best is what you should get. You don’t want to be the next business owner writing in the time clock system reviews to say that the system didn’t work. Choose MinuteHound for your business.

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