How MinuteHound Time and Attendance is Changing the Workplace

Time and Attendance Software: Revolutionize Your Workplace

It’s time for a new way to manage your employees, bosses and company. MinuteHound gives you control over your business with the tools you need to manage time and attendance easily and quickly. Simplify your company’s time and attendance process by ridding yourself of endless log sheets, complicated attendance software and potential data loss due to power outages or user error. MinuteHound gives you the time and attendance tools needed to control your payroll and improve your bottom line. Time and attendance tracking has changed for the better with MinuteHound’s new technology to make certain you always know when your employees clock in and out from work.

Every Fingerprint is Special
Every person has a unique fingerprint. This makes it possible for you to ensure that when an employee clocks in it’s really them. While you go to great lengths to hire trustworthy employees, sometimes in an attempt to save a favored employee trouble, a supervisor may clock an employee in if they are running late. Fingerprint technology and advanced time and attendance software stops this from happening. Using a single USB device that attaches to any computer, each employee must clock in when they arrive at work and not before. It also prevents others from clocking an employee out later than they actually leave.

Manage Your Workers
Imagine your business with less paperwork, safe and secure online attendance backups and simple alerts to let you know if someone clocks in on time or doesn’t show up. When an employee fails to appear for work, you can take action to call another employee in to cover the shift and call the late employee to find out why they are late. Time and attendance software has taken great leaps and bounds and MinuteHound is leading the way to the future. Employees quickly learn that showing up late for work is not an option. Work evaluations can show an employee with attendance issues exactly why a raise hasn’t yet been earned.

Get Rid of the Paper
Let MinuteHound Guide You To Savings!It’s time to reduce that time and attendance paperwork cluttering up your office. By implementing a digital time and attendance solution, you can free up much needed office space. Don’t worry about when it comes time to print reports for audits and business meetings. You can easily go back and print the information you need and when you’re done, you can securely destroy the documents and preserve your employees private information. Recycle the used paper to keep your company updated with current green initiatives.

Time and attendance software can improve your business and streamline your workplace. Don’t wait while other companies pass you by and implement simple and easy to use software. Payroll accounts for a large percentage of your business. When working with hourly employees, make sure that you get the true value of your investment.

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