Low-Cost Time Attendance Machine Price: How Businesses Save Money

The Time Attendance Machine Price

You’ve been hearing about MinuteHound and their time attendance software. Business owners everywhere have said how wonderful it is to no longer worry about wasting money on employees who aren’t really there. They simply can’t stop talking about the ease and convenience that’s involved. Admittedly, you’re a little bit jealous. You’re worried about the time attendance machine price and feel that you can’t afford it. Have no fear! Not only is the time attendance machine price low, but the system is easy to use and simple to setup.

MinuteHound tailors its time attendance machine price to you and your needs, making it affordable for companies of all sizes. For example, let’s say that you’re a small company with 20 employees and one branch; the total time attendance machine price for you would equal $24.95 per month. Now, imagine that you are the owner of a huge business with 1,000 employees and 300 branches. To ensure that all of your employees are accounted for, the price would total $2,499.95. Of course, so many different sized companies with a varying number of branches exist in between these two figures. Just know that the time attendance machine price was created with your budget in mind.

How To Find Your Time Attendance Machine Price

How can you find out the exact time attendance machine price for having such a system in your office? Simply visit MinuteHound’s time clock calculator. On this page, you’ll find a simple tool into which you can input the number of employees you have and the number of branches in the company. With an easy click of a button, numbers will come up showing you the employee fee and branch fee which come together to make the monthly service fee.

Call Us Anytime For Tech Support or Sales InformationAre you still not convinced when it comes to the time attendance machine price? Think of all of the money you are wasting when employees have someone else sign in for them or just don’t show up at all. After considering these facts, you’ll likely realize that the MinuteHound program is truly the right fit for you. The time attendance machine price includes lifetime updates, technical support, 24/7 access to your reports, and many more features.

The Time Attendance Machine Price Works For All Businesses

Of course, you’ll also need to purchase the extra fingerprint scanner. This device used to cost $499.95. However, for a limited time only, it is available at $99.95 per unit. This includes a lifetime money back guarantee. You pay the fee once and if you ever need to return it, you can for your money back. With such an amazing discount, your time attendance machine price has become even more affordable. Please note that you will need to have at least one of these scanners in each of your branches. Call up MinuteHound at (800) 351-7237 to speak to a representative today who can help you determine the best package for you.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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