Time Clock For Employees and Staff

Need A Time Clock?

Well, that is a loaded question as the answer is yes. Every company needs a time clock. It is 2019 and a business these days cannot operate without an efficient time clock. Not just from a day-to-day perspective but no one can afford lawsuits. Companies are getting sued on the daily across the country for labor reasons. It is expensive and a business trying to cut corners on time and attendance will lose big in the end.

What makes a time clock worth investing? The simple fact is it must, it MUST be a wall, not a speed bump. For instance, MinuteHound’s time clock instantly ends time theft, buddy punching and all common human errors. It doesn’t deter these things, it STOPS it! This time clock uses fingerprint recognition meaning only the person themselves can record time worked. Friends can’t do it and no numbers can be fudged or wrote down incorrectly. A time clock is not just a device or something that sits on a shelf. It has a purpose and each and every business owner needs to be taking advantage of it.

What Is In Store for 2019?

Fingerprint Attendance2019 is going to be a big year for technology. To be fair, every year is a big year for technology! However, 2019 will bring 5G into everyone’s life. Hybrid and electric cars are on the rise. Many different innovations are up and coming. Same with time and attendance and technology for business owners. It begins with something simple, like a time clock. MinuteHound’s technology has been saving business owners a TON of money! Let alone on stopping buddy punching, but payroll costs come down an average of 2-8%.

Employees don’t want a small paycheck, they want a big one! That is why most are honest enough to not steal or cause physical damage, however, adding 30 minutes the time card? No big deal. Most employees feel entitled to these minutes, which add up to hours which equals money lost to the business owner. You can stop all of this with a time clock from MinuteHound. No more lost time. No more over spending. Best of all, all reports are automated and can be edited from any browser. Get with the best technology of 2019 and beyond!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Clock.

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