Can Time and Attendance Solve Buddy Punching at Work?

The Correct Time and Attendance Can Solve Buddy Punching

If your employees are still recording the time worked via paper time sheets; they are stealing time. If they have to use a PIN or PW to record their time; then they are stealing time. It is just a matter of fact. The average employee steals 54 minutes of work for every 8 hour shift they complete. Late lunches, extended breaks, leaving early, arriving late etc. It all adds up to time they say they worked, but really they did not. Why are you paying for it! Time to stop is now.

The most common form of time theft is buddy punching. This is when friends and co-workers clock each other in and out. So whether they are running late, trying to sneak out early, or anything in between buddy punching comes into play fast. The biggest issue with buddy punching is that most times employees don’t see the wrong in it. For example, everybody knows taking something that does not belong to you is wrong. It is stealing. It is theft. So they know better to not steal supplies or product off the shelf. However, when it comes to covering for each other at work they usually don’t see the wrong in it. They are helping their friends!

Stop Overpaying With Modern Time and Attendance Technology

Biometric Machine Uses State Of The Art Fingerprint TechnolgoyIs time theft at work a problem? You betcha. Do employees steal time just about every shift they work? More than likely. However, these problems are so easily solved. Some people claim the lever or penicillin or sliced bread are some of the greatest inventions of all time. Nowadays, those are staples in our lives. Same with technology that has an everyday use such as MinuteHound time and attendance. Employees don’t even get a chance to steal time. Not even a possibility they can.

The reason why is because buddy punching cannot happen with biometrics. Friends cannot clock each other in. The only way to use MinuteHound is to show up on time and be physically present. Fingerprint technology is foolproof and solves this everyday problem so fast. Buddy Punching only happens when employers use old and outdated forms of time and attendance. With MinuteHound however, those days are over! Sign up now and start using right away.

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