Time Clock Lock – Employees Can Only Use During Designated Times

What is the Time Clock Lock?

So many companies have the same problem: Employees show up to work and clock in before they are supposed to. These 5 – 15 minutes on the front and back end of each shift adds up to a substantial amount come payroll. Employers need the ability to impose a time clock lock which will only allow employees to record their time during designated periods. For example, if their shift is 9 – 5 you can lock the time clockso they can only clock in/out say 5 minutes before start and at shift end. Whatever time interval you desire. The time clock lock helps employers control OT and stop time theft.

How to Best Use the Time Clock Lock

With MinuteHound the way it works is very simple. You just create a schedule stating when employees are supposed to be working and when they are not. You can use the time clock lock per employee, or per shift, or for the entire company. It is completely up to you. The time clock lock does exactly what it says which is not allow employees to record their time unless the employer allows it. Employees will learn very quickly the days of adding time for bigger paychecks are over. The time clock lock is 100% foolproof.

Is the Time Clock Lock Worth it?

YES! MinuteHound is very affordable at only $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Every feature, including the time clock lock, is included. There is nothing ever to buy or fine print for fees and hidden charges. MinuteHound is very simple: Pay for what you use on a month-to-month basis. There is no contracts or obligations required. Just love it and use it or simply quit and not pay for it again. The time clock lock is the newest feature to MinuteHound with a host of other benefits. Try it today risk free!

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MinuteHound Time Clock Lock.

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