Why Every Retail Location Needs MinuteHound’s Time Clock Lock

How The Time Clock Lock Benefits Retail Locations

Each and every retail outlet has specific store hours. Employees must be present during these times to perform their desired job functions. The problem most managers have is employees either show up too early, not at all, or hand around late to pad their hours. MinuteHound solves these issues with a feature called the time clock lock. The time clock lock enables a manger to only allow employees to clock in/out at designated times. In addition, if someone fails to show up or tries to leave early, a text and/or email can be sent out as well. These features make MinuteHound ideal for a retail location.

How To Best Implement the Time Clock Lock

Once you order MinuteHound, it is very simple. Everything in MinuteHound is cloud based so you can set it up from anywhere. You can create a schedule for each shift or the entire company depending on the size of your company. You can even set alerts and the time clock lock per employee if you wanted to do it that way. Once the schedule is setup employees can only use the clock during the times entered. It will not allow for any employee to pad their hours or to add time on the backend when they are supposed to be clocked out but instead talking to their friends. MinuteHound’s time clock lockworks from the 1st day, on the 1st shift and never stops working.

The Time Clock Lock for Every Location

Since MinuteHound is cloud based, you can setup schedules for any and all locations. If someone bounces from location to location or shift to shift it won’t matter. The time clock lock will work no matter what as the time clock itself will be locked. MinuteHound makes your life easy! Start saving money and being more organized today!

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