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The Future Is Here With Fingerprint Clocking

When you hire new employees at your business you already have important things to do, and you shouldn’t have to teach them time and attendance. You’ve probably thought many times about how much easier time and attendance would be with just a push of a button. Now it’s completely possible with a fingerprint employee clocking system that clocks your employee in and out with the touch of their finger. There are two ways that time and attendance company, MinuteHound makes this possible.

MinuteHound’s On-Site Clocking Device

When you want to make sure employees are where they’re supposed to be and not lying about clocking in late or working overtime, MinuteHound has a fingerprint time and attendance device that keeps them honest. The device records every time an employee touches it and sends the time and attendance data to a remote computer as well as the cloud. Only those with special privileges can access the data. It also has real-time alert features included so that if your employee has not clocked in or out correctly, you can get a text message or check your portal to see what they’ve done.

MinuteHound’s Username And Password System With Computer Biometrics

SaaS Time Clock- Connect From AnywhereIf your business has employees that work on workstations or their own devices, MinuteHound has a web-based time and attendance system. Instead of a personal fingerprint scanner, this uses a username and password for each employee and a timestamp that identifies their log-in and work activities. While it doesn’t use the employee’s fingerprint, it does identify devices by their IDs including IP addresses. These addresses are unique to each device and let you know where that employee is when they login.

What Makes MinuteHound’s System Reliable?

Not only is MinuteHound’s biometrics and web-based time and attendance software easy to setup, it’s also highly-secure with a 128-bit encryption to reduce the risk of anyone tampering with it. If you’re having any issues with the software or device, MinuteHound’s support staff is always available to troubleshoot problems and make sure there is no holdup with your company. Even more so, they have a strict privacy policy that states they will not store any user fingerprints. MinuteHound has made sure to make the signup process as hassle-free as possible so that you can give them a call or order immediately and expect to get your new equipment within about 2-3 business days.

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