Time Clock News- Biometric Time and Attendance Solves Office Problems

Why a Time Clock Is So Important- Choose Wisely!

Looking for a time clock? If you’re a business owner or manager, then before you purchase any type of time clock make sure you know what’s out there. The most important feature any time clock can offer is verification before employee’s record their time. This means that staff members cannot just write down times, scan a badge, or enter a pin and password without first verifying who they are. The true way, and most successful way to do this is through fingerprinting. Time clocks that feature biometrics are typically always going to offer success. Employers who utilize biometric time and attendance will see a difference from day one. MinuteHound is the leader in biometric time and attendance, providing service for over 150,000 users everyday.

MinuteHound’s time clock is proven to work, and affordable for all. Most time clocks you find for sale online or in stores will cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. Depending on the features the time clock has to offer, it could cost a huge sum. In almost all cases, the time clock you purchase will come with a limited warranty and if something does go wrong, your more than likely on your own. MinuteHound has changed all of this. The time clock you purchase from MinuteHound is backed for life. So if you use this system for 20 years, it will always be supported to ensure you have less stress and more success.

The Time Clock That Pays For Itself

Did you know that every year, American businesses report losses in the billions of dollars all due to inefficient time and accounting practices? Old and outdated time and attendance methods plague every size business, in every industry. The traditional time clock where employees use the honor system cost the owner money. If you’re not currently using biometrics in your business, then you need to be. With MinuteHound, you can get up and running within the week.

Time Clock News- Start Saving Today!From the very start, MinuteHound will provide results. The time clock itself is very robust, and has the highest accuracy rating in the industry. All employees simply swipe their finger on the scanner, and off to work they go. Same process for exiting and taking breaks. All information is then recorded and sent to cloud servers. MinuteHound uses the latest technology in order to keep your business ahead of the pack. Lifetime updates are included to keep it that way. MinuteHound is the time clock that never stops working!

Time Clock Price

The state of the art fingerprint time clock is $99.95. This one time fee is all you will ever pay, as it is backed for life. Anything goes wrong, it’s covered. The monthly fee is based off of your current work force. It is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. You can add/remove as many employees as you want. Throw in round the clock customer support, cloud computing, text/email alerts, and other features you will be saving money from day one! Upgrade today and see for yourself how MinuteHound can help you save money and be more efficient.

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