Time Clock Procedures: Easy, Simplified Instructions For All Companies

Cut Time Clock Procedures Down to One Step

What’s the best way to make sure employees follow time clock procedures? Keep them simple! MinuteHound’s single finger press for clocking in and out is as simple as it gets. The technology behind it is advanced, but your employees don’t even need a training session. They’ll be experts at your time clock procedures on their first day at work.

The first step of time clock procedures at most companies is “stand in line.” That’s because it takes time and sometimes complex data entry to use the time clock. It’s not necessary. MinuteHound is simple and accurate.

MinuteHound’s advanced technology uses Internet time and translates a quick fingerprint scan into a positive identification. It’s not only simple, but quick and accurate. It will be a pleasure to have easy clocking in and out. You might as well install it on the day you receive it to start saving money.

Easy Time Clock Procedures Save Your Time and Money

MinuteHound is simple to set up and simple to use. One of several ways it starts saving money when you use it is by not requiring training. Employees can focus on their jobs, not learning to operate the time clock! Your time clock procedures manual can be thrown away and replaced by a sign which reads “press your finger here.”

There are a lot of costs to complex time clock procedures. They can be error prone. Employees can “help” each other by punching in for one another from time to time. It’s likely that corrections will be required each week. Accounting will need to review the data to check for errors. All of this can cost an extra five percent or more of your weekly payroll.

Time Clock Procedures Simplified

MinuteHound Offers Live Friendly Technical Support When You Need ItWhat about time clock procedures for supervisors? Does someone check to make sure the time clock has the correct date and time? What happens if employees punch in or out when the date and time are incorrect? Does someone make sure that time cards are in the correct slots so that employees don’t accidentally punch someone else’s card? You don’t have any of these worries with MinuteHound.

Think of all the time and money that is saved by avoiding human error and temptation. Every step in your time clock procedures is an opportunity for these problems to arise. Each step that you eliminate is a cost savings that you’ll see on your bottom line.

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Clock Procedures: Save Time And Money With MinuteHound’s Easy To Use System!

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