Time Clock Reviews- Why Are Biometrics So Important? Time Tracking

Time Clock Reviews: Software Helps Managers Work More Efficiently

Managers that run large workforces can find it hard to manage employee attendance and schedules. Time clock software helps managers keep the business running smooth. Check other time clock reviews and you will find that other companies lack the rich set of options available with MinuteHound. When employees fail to show up for work, managers can get instant alerts. The alerts provide the manager with a chance to change the workforce to cover key areas that might need extra help. The business can continue to operate normally when it takes quick action. When it comes time to give employee reviews, managers can use time clock records to give solid proof of an employees’ reliability.

Cloud-Based Accurate Reporting
MinuteHound uses cloud based fingerprint tracking for safe and secure storage of employee data. The service uses 128-bit security when sending data to guard against access to private employee data. Cloud based storage makes it possible to access reports from any location. Managers can attend meetings and events in other countries and maintain workforce control and beat out other time clock reviews. Managers receive alerts by text and email when away from the office. The company also avoids incurring high text message fees while on the road if the manager uses email instead of text messages.

MinuteHound USB Device
One of the features of MinuteHound is the USB fingerprint device that tracks when an employee arrives at work. Experienced managers know that supervisors may clock employees in that are late before they arrive. Other time clock reviews show that this issue is not a first concern. Using a fingerprint device requires the employee to be present to clock in for work. MinuteHound never limits the number of users available. Time clock reviews for other companies show that most software companies limit the number of users. Other time clock software options charge per user. The costs of paying for each user can add up quickly. The fingerprint scanner connects to a computer and can extend up to six feet away from the computer.

Manual Edits
Data Stored Securely in the CloudAn employee may forget to clock in or out of the software. The time clock reviews employee information and alerts the system owner or currently assigned user can enter data into the system manually. Managers can track manual edits to the time clock report and talk about repeat issues with the employee. The time clock software alerts the user when a the login occurs correctly. Additionally, employees can print the attendance data, or choose to export it in one of many of digital formats. Time clock reviews of other company software can’t keep up with the simple and easy to use software.

Multi-Access Capabilities
MinuteHound time clock software is the only time and attendance software capable of tracking employees from more than one location. Other time clock reviews demonstrate the low set of options and high cost in time clock software. Each company uses its own data and keeps employee data for each company separate. A company with more than one branch can enjoy great savings by purchasing one license to use the software. Other time clock reviews show that other companies can’t compete on cost, security and the option to track current employee attendance quickly and instantly. With a set of options that often costs two to three times as much, MinuteHound gives an ideal solution to track employee attendance.

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