RFID Based Attendance System- Why Biometric Technology is Better

What is an RFID Based Attendance System?

An RFID based attendance system is a system that uses tags to track when employees enter or leave an area, such as an office or a factory floor. They provide a method of keeping track of attendance in a nondescript, automated manner.

What is a Biometric Attendance System?
A biometric attendance system is a system that uses organic matter to track when people are entering and leaving the building. The most common types of RFID based attendance systems use the fingerprints of employees to identify them and register the time at which they clocked in or out of the office.

What are the Primary Differences Between an RFID Based Attendance System and a Biometric Attendances System?
The main difference between a biometric attendance system and an RFID based attendance system is that the RFID based attendance system uses tags, which can be exchanged between employees, while a biometric attendance system uses organic matter that cannot be exchanged. This makes stealing time from a place of work much more difficult because it removes the chances that buddy punching will work. Normal systems use employee identification numbers or punch cards to record when an employee enters or leaves an area, RFID based attendance systems use tags which can be exchanged among employees, but fingerprints or retinas are not able to be shared.

Another difference is that the biometric attendance system requires the employee to actively scan his or her fingerprint in order for the system to register that he or she is there. With an RFID based attendance system, the tags will be scanned immediately when the person enters an area.

What are Some Similarities Between an RFID Based Attendance System and a Biometric Attendance System?
Fingerprint Time Clock Uses 128-Bit EncryptionThe primary similarity between the RFID based attendance system and a biometric attendance system is that they both automatically keep track of when employees enter and leave an area. The biometric attendance system will take the information about the employee, based on the fingerprint, as well as the time that the information was taken and automatically upload it to a database where it can be used for payroll. An RFID system will do roughly the same thing, recording the identity of the employee and the time that he or she arrived. This information will also be entered into a database.

Which is Better?
Because biometric attendance systems are much more adept at keeping time theft to a minimum, it is considered to be the superior attendance system. It saves the company a great deal of time and money that can be spent somewhere where it will do the most good.

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