Web Timeclock – Edit Payroll Reports From Any Browser

Why Use a Web Timeclock

Each and every business has a legal obligation to accurately record employees time worked then pay them accordingly. So every business needs a time clock or some method to complete this task. Using a web timeclock makes this not only simple, but so easy. Managers don’t want to spend crazy amounts of time reading the time sheets and manually adding and subtracting numbers. MinuteHound does it all for you so all you have to do is submit. With a web timeclock, from any browser a manager can log into MinuteHound and edit reports. Everything can be done from the web. So whether your at work, at home, or on your mobile device you can login and track employee movement from anywhere. The web timeclock provides ease of access to any business owner and/or manager.

How The Web Timeclock Works

The web timeclock is browser and mobile friendly. Employees are assigned a UN/PW and they log in from any device. When they login, their IP address is recorded. The web timeclock records all the details so when you go check reports, it will not only display the time/date but also where the person was. So if they are supposed to be at location A and they clock in from another IP, then you know something is wrong! Also, the web timeclock has text/email alerts. So you don’t even have to be present to monitor employees. If someone doesn’t show up, or clocks in late, or tries to leave early, etc then MinuteHound’s web timeclock will send you a text letting you know.

How to Start Using the Web Timeclock

All you have to do is sign up! Create an account with MinuteHound and once you do, you will have instant access to the web timeclock. You can add users, create schedules, setup alerts, etc all from the browser. Create OT rules, reports and so much more all for $1.00 per employee per month. It is very inexpensive but also 100% accurate. Reports are kept on record for years, so if you ever have a problem with an employee can always pull up past reports. Technical support is always available as well. Don’t lose anymore money, invest in a web timeclock today!

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