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How A Computer Time Clock Works

Do you have a computer? How about an internet connection? If the answer is yes and yes, then welcome to a brand new, cost effective and highly efficient time and attendance system! MinuteHound combines the two components and have created the computer time clock. Now, every business can afford top quality products and services without having to break the bank. The computer time clock from MinuteHound is small, affordable, and proven to work. It plugs into any PC or laptop. Employees arrive and leave work by simply scanning their finger or thumb. The computer time clock is business savvy at its finest!

Who uses the computer time clock? Just about every type of business in America. From restaurant’s, hotels, retail stores, hospitals, warehouses, doctor’s, dentist’s, and everything in between. Over 150,000 users clock-in and out of work everyday using MinuteHound’s computer time clock. Once you create an account with MinuteHound, the computer time clock is shipped out. For $99.95, you get the physical fingerprint scanner (the computer time clock) shipped right to your door. That price is total, including taxes and fees. After that all that needs to be done is plug it in. In under 10 minutes, installation is complete and the computer time clock is ready to be used by all staff members!

Benefits of Using A Computer Time Clock

By using a computer time clock all forms of cheating are over, payroll expenses go down, and the stress of managing staff are relieved. The computer time clock requires employees to place their finger or thumb on the scanner to record their time. This means the employee has to be physically present to do so. No more buddy punching or fudging numbers. Employees are kept honest, even if a supervisor is not present. There is no way to fool the system, which means all reports are accurate and true.

Achieve Success With A Computer Time ClockIf any employee doesn’t show up, arrives late, or tries to leave early MinuteHound will instantly notify the proper party. An email and or text message will be sent out upon any deviation from the assigned schedule. This way, any mistakes of employees “forgetting” to clock in will be prevented. The MinuteHound time and attendance is flawless and provide employers crystal clear reports at all times. The computer time clock is a business must have!

The Computer Time Clock Is Green Technology

Save even more money and office space by upgrading your workplace with a computer time clock. Everything is digital, with no paper required. If an employee wants a copy of their time reports, just tell them to log-in and download it! Employees have 24/7 access in order to view their individual report. Administrators have higher access and can edit/modify reports in real time from any internet connection in the world. The computer time clock updates live, so reports are always ready at anytime! Upgrade today and start saving more while spending less!

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