Time Clocks For Any Size Business- Biometric Fingerprint Technology

Time Clocks For All Size Businessess

We all know that businesses have been using time clocks for years. And for a while, they worked pretty well. But it’s time to move on, past the old fashioned type, and into tomorrow. Mobility, security, and accuracy are the demands of today’s businesses. Now, thanks to MinuteHound, there is a new type of time clocks for the digital age. One that’s immune to cheating, ensuring that your employees can’t manipulate their hours worked. Time clocks for curing human error. Time clocks for employers, with a vast array of tools and support. MinuteHound has time clocks for every type of business. Cost effective, and proven solutions.

Thanks to MinuteHound, you’re no longer forced to put up with employee fraud or abuse. No keeping track of employee cards, no manual keying in of payroll data, no checking your time clocks for tampering. MinuteHound uses a fingerprint time clock scanner to record your employees in and out automatically, checking their times against their schedule for you. The reason for this is so it’s capable of alerting you via email and text message if their clock in or out times vary from their assigned shifts. Already, you can see that the MinuteHound system can be used in ways you never considered using time clocks for. This is in addition to the fact that the MinuteHound’s time clocks for business cannot be tampered with.

Time Clocks For The Digital Age Transform Your Business

And thanks to MinuteHound, you can say goodbye to manually checking your employee’s times, compiling them into your payroll for the week. MinuteHound uses 128-bit encryption to send all of your data to a remote server. Safely and securely you can log into your web portal and track employee activity. Time clocks for your business by MinuteHound allow you to access your records anytime, from anywhere. Innovative technology at it’s finest; time clocks for the digital age help your business succeed on multiple fronts.

Time Clocks For Your Business Is Your Daily Dose of Savings!The real benefit of time clocks for any purpose, should be to save you money by paying employees accurately with no error. Unfortunately, not many time clocks for this specific reason exist. Most common methods, such as time cards, sheets, badges, or ID and passwords don’t protect business owners. These types of time clocks for your business simply rely on employees being honest, and not making mistakes. This is an unreasonable expectation. Human error does happen. People do steal. Time clocks for today’s demands must have built in features like that of MinuteHound to ensure companies success.

Time Clocks For Your Company Should Be Simple and Stress Free

MinuteHound also offers a 100% money back guarantee on time clocks for your business. There is no risk. No contracts to sign, ever. No fine print, and no training required. Time clocks for any organization should be simple to use and operate. Time clocks for your company also comes with round the clock support. MinuteHound offers customer service to better help you succeed. Although the system is easy to use, it is new to you. If you ever need help on any level, simply call.

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