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Employee Time Entry System For Any Business

Every company needs a time entry system. Time and attendance is basically mandatory for accounting, taxes, HR, and other legal reasons. What every business owner and manager needs to know is what is available, and the differences between them. A biometric time entry system like MinuteHound not only provides efficiency, but savings and many unique tools. There is no reason at all to be using paper, pens, pins, or passwords. If your employees sign in by writing down their times, or punching in their personal pin number, then you’re losing money. That is the truth. By not having employees verify their attendance before recording time, your company is losing money through payroll fraud, time theft, and buddy punching. Stop it now and stop it forever with a time entry system from MinuteHound.

Every year, American businesses report losses in the billions of dollars all due to outdated and inefficient time and attendance methods. Believe it or not, employees are not always honest! The average employee steals 54 minutes every 8 hour shift. It doesn’t take long to add up that lost time and money. The time entry system will stop these bad habits, and have your employees form a fresh attitude otherwise they simply won’t get paid. With MMinuteHound, employees show up to work and exit all by swiping their finger. Friends can no longer cover for one another. Each employee is held responsible for his/her own actions.

The Benefits of Using MinuteHound’s Time Entry System

Savings, user-friendly, high efficiency, affordable, and proven to work come to mind when speaking of MinuteHound. The foolproof and flawless time entry system is a full solution for any business. The fingerprint scanner which your employees will use to physically clock-in and out of work is durable and reliable. It plugs into any computer and records information in real time. The time entry system allows you to take your office with you. Technology is great, and now it’s even better since it works hard for you!

Time Entrance System Features Text and Email AlertsThe time entry system from MinuteHound also features text/email alerts. This way, when your employees show up late or try to leave early an alert is sent. Same process if they “forget” to clock-in or out. The time entry system fixes mistakes and solves problems. Now, your attendance records will be accurate and always correct. Payroll will become a breeze and stress free. Between alerts and 24/7 access, the time entry system allows managers to manage with better tools and easy to use features.

Time Entry System Pricing and Fees

The fingerprint scanner is a one time fee of $99.95. This fee includes a lifetime money back guarantee, so you never ever have to work about replacing it. The low monthly fee MinuteHound charges is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. That’s it! The monthly fee includes every feature the time entry system has to offer. This includes technical support and lifetime updates. With so much to gain, and little to lose, why not make the switch! The time entry system will spark a change from day one!

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