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Time Clock Solutions for Small Businesses

Few careers offer the enormous pride – and equally enormous headaches – that entrepreneurship often offers. Rather than a daily drudge, “work” becomes a conversation piece, a source of that elusive sense of personal fulfillment, and, for some, a seemingly inexhaustible source of income.

Unfortunately, owning a small business also comes with a number of unique challenges, particularly when the time comes to hire employees. How much is a fair wage for the sort of work they’re doing? How are you going to keep track of things like overtime, holiday pay, and the weekly hassle of issuing checks? If you’re not involved in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of your business, how are you going to keep track of which employees are on time every day and which employees have a more, shall we say, lackadaisical attitude toward punching the old time clock?

Time Trackers
Often referred to as time clocks or employee attendance trackers, time trackers are devices that record a time stamp when an employee clocks in at the beginning and when they clock out at the end of a shift. The most basic time trackers are vulnerable to manipulation while others, such as biometric time trackers, are capable of deterring employees from being dishonest by relying on modern technological advances such as fingerprint scanning and cloud-based data storage. Some time trackers are simple software packages that allow the business owner to use office computers as time clocks while others require specialized equipment and professional installation.

Choosing the right time clock solution for your small business
128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeChoosing the perfect time trackers for your small business isn’t a decision you should take lightly. Several factors come into play, such as whether or not your employees will be based at a single location and how many employees you have. Even the personality types of your employees can play a role. Can you trust everyone to be honest about the time they arrived in the morning or left in the afternoon? If so, advanced security features such as digital time stamping may not be necessary in your particular case. Before you decide to trust your employees implicitly, consider this: if you employ 10 people and they all steal 5 minutes every day, you’re spending $1,600 every year on wages that weren’t earned.

It’s easy to ignore just how important time trackers are if you don’t take the time to stop and think about how much money you could be losing. Having trouble making a decision? It’s simple. Get the best. An advanced time clock solution can be your biggest asset. If you want to be safe, choose time trackers that are biometric, completely tamper-proof, and that store the time values on a secure cloud server.

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