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Any employer finds it necessary to not only track and assess his or her employee’s work performance, but also their attendance and time utilization. Antiquated time-punch cards are, for the most part, being phased out in favor of more technologically-advanced timekeeping methods. Tracking attendance is made easier with the addition of such inventions as biometric fingerprint technologies. MinuteHound software is such a product; a product that will all but eliminate time theft in your office.

Tracking attendance and time management in the work place is essential as it keeps money in a proprietor’s pocket. MinuteHound software is the answer to the time theft dilemma. Tracking attendance has never been easier as MinuteHound uses cloud technology which permits authorized personnel to check in, in real-time, via the internet from any location in the world. Tracking attendance and time is also made simpler because MinuteHound software can generate emails or text messages alerting a business owner when an employee arrives and when they leave work.

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Tracking attendance and time with MinuteHound software cuts down on your payroll department’s involvement where this topic is concerned. The software is not only user-friendly, but it removes the necessity of having time cards or overtaxing inventory manifests and charts. If you thought tracking attendance in this high-tech fashion is too expensive, MinuteHound time attendance software costs the consumer mere pennies a day to operate and maintain.

Online Tracking Attendance Made Simple!Where employees are concerned, tracking attendance and the inevitable security and encryption issues are something that needs to be addressed. What good are time theft prevention techniques if the software you use can be hacked, manipulated or corrupted without much effort? MinuteHound software utilizes 128-bit encryption, so you can rest assured that the technological novice is ill-equipped to get past its interface and security measures.

Tracking Attendance Made Clear and Simple

If you as a consumer are intimidated at the prospect of installing and operating MinuteHound time and attendance software on your own, you need not worry. Tracking attendance is literally moments from becoming a reality as the MinuteHound software can be installed and running in mere minutes.

The support and ease of use is not complete once you have purchased your MinuteHound time and attendance software. Tracking attendance, especially the time and attendance of your employees, is one thing, but what are you to do if problems arise? Who shall you contact if you have questions regarding the usage of your MinuteHound software? What should happen if you realize the software is not for you? MinuteHound has taken this into account. Trying their software is a risk-free endeavor. If you are unhappy with your purchase you are free to return it for a refund. Also, technical support is offered around the clock for you convenience. Try it today and save more by doing less!

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