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Types of Biometric Technology For Business

Every business has different and unique needs. The one common trait all employers and managers have is time and attendance. Employees need to record time worked, and a business needs an accurate and foolproof method of doing so. This is how technology can benefit all companies, regardless of size. The types of biometric technology available vary in costs and features. Fingerprinting is the easiest and most successful method. The many types of biometric technology range from scanning eyes to fingers to veins and more. However, employees and business always choose fingerprinting for it’s accurate, it works, and safe for all users.

MinuteHound is the leader in biometric time and attendance. Over 150,000 users clock-in and out of work with a simple swipe of a finger. Of the many types of biometric technology available today, MinuteHound offers the best solution. It is a two-pronged approach to solve the many problems associated with time and attendance. Buddy punching is over, payroll fraud and cheating are eliminated, and savings increase. Not all types of biometric technology are as foolproof as fingerprinting, or as cost effective.

How A Business Can Use The Types of Biometric Technology For Savings

Reduce costs, increase savings. That is the business motto for just about everyone. But how? MinuteHound has the solution, and it begins with a fingerprint scanner. The scanner is the size of a computer mouse and powerful! It plugs into any computer. Employees arrive and leave work by swiping their finger. Time is recorded, money is saved. No more paper sheets. No more badges or other supplies. There is no pins and passwords to forget. Friends at work can no longer cover for one another, and numbers can’t be changed. The types of biometric options for business owners can seem complex, but MinuteHound makes it easy!

Enter A Business Partnership With MinuteHound Today!Facial recognition and other types of biometric systems out there are not as accurate as using fingers. Also more often than not, way more expensive. With MinuteHound, the scanner is a flat fee of $99.95. This is a one time fee, for each scanner is backed for life. Then, MinuteHound offers time clock software that costs $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Not bad right! Payroll costs go down between 2-8% let alone the savings of stopping time theft. Of all the types of biometric options you can choose from, hopefully by now the choice is clear: MinuteHound!

Types of Biometric Features- MinuteHound Delivers!

Unlike the other types of biometric systems that cost thousands of dollars, MinuteHound won’t break the bank! With the monthly fee that you pay, it includes all the features and benefits of MinuteHound. From text/email alerts, online reporting, cloud access, and many more are all included. Lifetime updates as well, so you always stay ahead of the game. Don’t delay, upgrade today!

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