What is UTC/GMT? Universal Time Clock Explained. The How To Guide

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What Is UTC/GMT/Zulu Time? Why Use A Universal Time Clock?

As everyone already knows, each part of the world operates in a different time zone. Hours differ greatly depending which part of the world you happen to be standing in. For all of these locations to get on the same page, a universal time clock was established. Most people have heard of military time that operates off of a 24 hour time clock format. There is no AM or PM in the military, simply every hour of the day is used. When you view the universal time clock up above, think of it as a way for the world to universally sync with one another.

Up until 1972, this world time used to be called Greenwich Mean Time(GMT). However after 1972 this universal time clock is simply refereed to as Universal Time Coordinated or better known as Coordinated Universal Time(UTC). Some people refer to it as Zulu time. However regardless of what you call it, the universal time clock is simply a way for all types of agencies and countries to operate and coordinate together. Even businesses that operate online use a universal time clock in order to better understand traffic sources. The benefits of having one set time can be used by all.

Universal Time Clock

How To Use The Universal Time Clock

So now that you know what a universal time clock is and why it exists, the hard part is figuring out how to use it! Actually it is not that hard. You only need one piece of information, where your located. You see the universal time clock is the same everywhere. What you have to do is some basic math in order to figure out what your local time is in relation to UTC. Look at the chart up above, simply find your location.

  • Example 1: According to the universal time clock it is 08:45. If your standing in Manhattan, then your local time is 3:45 AM. For on the East Coast you are -5 hours behind UTC. So if your standing in San Diego then your local time would be 12:45 AM. For on the West Coast, your UTC is -8 hours.
  • Example 2: Your located in Atlanta, GA and your local time is 9:00 AM. This means your universal time is 0400.
  • *KEEP IN MIND: As you figure out your times, please keep in mind daylight savings time. You will either need to subtract or add one hour to the universal time clock depending on your location.

    The Many Uses Of A Universal Time Clock

    Coordinated universal time helps out in so many ways. The most obvious is that UTC is used as the network time protocol. This is how so many computers and other devices are all synced up. All types of Internet standards are based using a universal time clock. Aviation, astronomical, weather reports, maps, and the list goes on and on why it is so important to understand UTC.

    So much confusion and frustration is gone from using a universal time clock. If your a webmaster of any kind, your used to UTC. So many other job fields use it your bound to come across it some way in your life. Now, after reading this how to guide a universal time clock is easy to use!

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