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USB Time Clock- Universal Savings For Everyone!

What business nowadays doesn’t have a computer in place? Regardless of service or industry, just about every office, break-room, storefront, etc, has a computer in order to conduct various tasks. Now, business owners and savvy managers can take advantage of whats already in place and start to reduce costs and increase savings. The easy way to do it is by ordering a USB time clock, which plugs into any computer. Employees will simply arrive, take breaks, and exit work all with a simple scan of their finger. The USB time clock verifies the employee attendance, and then records the time.

The reason why a USB time clock from MinuteHound is so important to business is very simple: accuracy. Just about every business, small to large is plagued with friends covering for each other, buddy punching, and payroll fraud. Without a true foolproof way of recording employee time, a business can suffer from inefficient timekeeping. A USB time clock is not only simply to use, but absolutely guaranteed to be accurate. There is no other way for employees to clock unless they are physically present and scan their finger. Friends cannot cover, and every employee stays honest whether a supervisor is present or not.

The USB Time Clock Features And Specifications

The USB time clock is about the size of a computer mouse, and plugs into any PC in the office. The software runs in the background and is cloud based, which means it won’t have any affect on the operation of the computer the USB time clock is plugged into. Managers and employees can use the computer just as they normally would. When employees scan their finger, that fingerprint is broken down into numbers and transferred to remote servers using 128-bit encryption. Information is never at risk, and even if the USB time clock or computer damaged or stolen, it wouldn’t matter. Everything is secure!

MinuteHound's USB Time ClockThe USB time clock turns an office green, because with MinuteHound everything becomes digital. Employees can log-in at anytime to view their personal digital time card. Managers can download reports and send it to payroll or an accountant or the employee at anytime. Since the software is cloud based, its up to the minute accurate. Managers on the go can log-in via their smart phone and check on their office and receive updates throughout the day. The USB time clock is a full solution for every office, and MinuteHound provides crystal clear time and attendance reports to make payroll a breeze.

How A USB Time Clock Reduces Costs

The USB time clock automatically eliminates time theft, buddy punching, and payroll fraud. It also cures human error and prevents common mistakes. If an employee arrives late or tries to leave early, an email and/or text message is sent out. Same if an employee doesn’t show up at all, or forgets to clock-in, an alert is sent out in real time. This way, the manager on duty and the employee can both be alerted. Wasted time is over, and so is the excuse they “forget” to do part of their job. The USB time clock and MinuteHound software is the true way to savings!

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