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Easy Clocking Boosts Office Productivity

The days of employees coming to work and signing in via pen and paper have long passed. Even the so-called “updated” systems where employees swipe a card or enter a pin/password are obsolete. The main reason why is because without a verification system, employees steal time and cheat on payroll. In addition, just common human error costs American business owners time and money. Now, with easy clocking from MinuteHound these problems are over. Payroll becomes accurate and costs go down, while savings go up. Easy clocking is the preferred method for business.

Easy clocking is simple: when staff show up and leave work they simply scan their finger or thumb. Attendance is verified, then time is recorded. By using easy clocking, all employees are required to be physically present. All forms of cheating and buddy punching are over. All times are recorded with accuracy down to the minute. Easy clocking also cures human error by sending out text/e-mail alerts when employees don’t clock-in, arrive late or try to leave early.

How Easy Clocking Works

After placing an order and creating an account with MinuteHound, the fingerprint scanner is sent via priority mail. The fingerprint scanner is the size of a computer mouse, and very durable. It connects into any PC by simply plugging it in to any USB slot. After plugging it in, installation is completed in under 10 minutes. The scanner is the actual physical time clock that all employees will be using to record their time.

Easy Clocking Means Success!Once the scanner is set up and ready to go, the “easy clocking” is in place! Easy clocking is proven to work and provides results from the first day. Employees will no longer have the option of having friends cover for them or arriving a few minutes late. Now, each minute is accounted for and so are employees for their actions. Easy clocking is also green, as no paper is required. So not only do businesses save money through accurate reporting, but no paper supplies also provide an extra dose of savings!

The Easy Clocking Guarantee

Easy clocking is guaranteed to work. Each fingerprint scanner costs $99.95, which is guaranteed for life. At anytime, clients can cancel and return the scanner for their money back. It’s that easy. If something ever goes wrong with the scanner, or if anyone wishes to no longer use the MinuteHound service, the scanner is guaranteed for life! MinuteHound provides live technical assistance and supports clients with all of their needs. Try it today risk free and put the easy clocking system to work for you!

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