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Have Your Web Timesheet At Your Fingertips No Matter Where You Are

Do you currently have employees that always have unnecessary overtime on their paychecks? Every minute that an employee clocks in early can add up and cost you more money with your payroll. Older time clock systems can allow employees to get excessive overtime that your company is not expecting to pay. You shouldn’t have to worry about overtime being an issue any more. MinuteHound’s time clock system will immediately alert you when an employee clocks-in or out at the wrong time through the web timesheet.

Our biometric fingerprint technology will only let your employees clock-in or out using their unique fingerprints. The system can be placed anywhere in your business and be connected to any current computer that you have. It has a low cost to get started and low monthly fees to keep it active. The system will only cost you pennies a day to have, but it will save you thousands of dollars in payroll. Every time an employee clocks-in or out, the information will go onto a web timesheet.

You could be away on vacation or on a business trip and still have access to the web timesheet. The web timesheet will be able to give you real time information on the employees that are currently at work. Managers can even set up alerts through their phone or email address that will advise them when employees are clocking-in or out at inappropriate times. This will allow them to fix the issues with the employees that are taking advantage of unnecessary overtime.

The Web Timesheet Is Cloud Based – Which Means 24/7 Access and Security

Cloud File Security | Monthly Time SheetsYou can access your web timesheet for your employees no matter where you are. All you need is access to the internet. You will be able to go online and view all the reports and any web timesheet that you need. Your payroll department will be able to use the web timesheet to process your payroll needs faster. They don’t have to worry about going through large stacks of paperwork any longer.

In order to get started with MinuteHound, you will just need to fill out some basic information on our site. From there, we will be able to send you out the fingerprint reader and cords to hook it up to any computer of your choice the same day. You will not need a professional to install the system.

Employees will just need to place any finger of their choice into the fingerprint reader to be scanned. The reader will turn green it reads their fingerprint. Every employees’ information is safe and secured. Also, the buddy system with the time clock is completely eliminated by MinuteHound’s system. As soon as the employee scans their finger, the information will be linked to the web timesheet for immediate viewing. Be sure to get started today with MinuteHound’s time clock system to help you save money within your payroll.

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Biometric Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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