What Is A Thumb Impression Attendance Machine? Biometric Answers

The Thumb Impression Attendance Machine

The thumb impression attendance machine is a device designed by MinuteHound to make keeping track of employees attendance both easy and simple. Originally designed for larger businesses, recently MinuteHound has designed the thumb impression attendance machine for smaller businesses as well. This time clock guarantees to be cost effective and save money to any business that chooses to use it.

MinuteHound has taken advantage the highly sophisticated technology originally designed for military security and put it in place to make the clocking process fool proof. By utilizing the thumb impression attendance machine, buddy time punching is completely eliminated. There are no time card errors, no time clock malfunction or manipulation. It guarantees solution for the problems of unapproved overtime and significantly minimizes the time it takes to prepare the payroll.

The fingerprint captured by the thumb impression attendance machine translates to a binary string of numbers. The numbers are transmitted immediately where they are then instantaneously recorded and stored on a remote server. The captured fingerprint by MinuteHound is completely private. No fingerprint image that is captured is ever stored. The encrypted numbers are also completely irreversible can cannot trace back to a fingerprint.

The thumb impression attendance machine has several features that proves to be beneficial to any business. The machine has the ability to send alerts on any designated employee or manager and can tell if they are clocking in and out promptly according to their schedule. All of the thumb impression attendance machine data collected is stored on cloud and is instantly available. These features are ideal with managing attendance and cost effectiveness with the amount of the labor hours versus the daily revenue.

Thumbprint Time Clock ReviewsWith an amazingly smooth setup, the thumb impression attendance machine can be setup and ready to use in minutes. It has simple connectivity to any computer that has internet through a USB cord. After the machine is connected, the next step is to enroll all the current employees into the system. Once that is done, employees can begin clocking in and out using the machine. When hiring someone new, it only takes from one to two minutes to completely register a new employee and have their information uploaded into the database.

The MinuteHound thumb impression attendance machine saves a business money in many ways. The low price of the machine is virtually pennies in comparison the money that will be saved. The thumb impression attendance machine has the ability to calculate payroll with its software allowing the time it takes to complete payroll to be cut in half, if not minimizing it down to a third of the time it usually takes to complete. It is the future of time and attendance.

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