Biometrics Time Attendance- Employee Accurate Time Tracking

Biometrics Time Attendance: Stopping Time Theft

Many people who work hourly have seen the phenomena of time theft. It is all to easy to game the system simply by taking a time punch card or an employee identification number and giving it to another person. That other person will then use that information to “clock” a person who is not actually there in, thereby signing him or her into the shift and ensuring that he or she gets paid for time that was not actually worked. This can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars each year and severely undermine how productive a company is able to be.

How Can it be Stopped?
The easiest way to stop the scourge of time theft is to use a biometrics time attendance system. This type of system specializes in stopping time theft right in its tracks by making it virtually impossible to actually perform such an action. The reason why using a biometrics time attendance system makes it impossible to actually steal time is because there is no method of clocking in that can be shared from employee to employee. A biometrics time attendance system uses a biological method of clocking a person in. In most circumstances, a person’s fingerprint will be used as the main means of identifying an employee for his or her shift.

Doesn’t a Biometrics Time Attendance System Cost a Ton of Money?
Actually, no, a biometrics time attendance system is quite inexpensive. The main expense is actually purchasing the machine itself for each of the sites in which it is needed. After the machine has been purchased, it is relatively inexpensive to simply pay for the services that allow the biometrics time attendance system to function, namely ensuring that all of the information is recorded and kept so that it can be used by company managers to complete payroll.

Web Based Punch Clock SoftwareIn fact, a biometrics time attendance system will even save companies money because there is no paper waste that needs to be purchased or disposed of. Time cards and other waste can really add up with regards to purchasing the materials, as well as with paying for the disposal services.

Is a Biometrics Time Attendance System Hard to Use?
No. All it takes is for a company to plug in the machine that is used to scan the fingerprints of the employees and they are ready to go. Should there be any problems, however, MinuteHound provides support around the clock in order to help companies make sure that they are tracking shifts correctly and that the biometrics time attendance system is working properly. In essence, every company should use a biometric time attendance system in order to reduce the amount of time theft that occurs.

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