What Is Biometric Fingerprint Technology?

Biometric Fingerprint Technology Keeps Employees Honest and Accountable

It is possible for an employee to be tempted to commit time clock fraud. Sometimes, the personal life might leak into professional life and an employee might ask, “Would it really matter if I have someone else clock me in if I’m running late?” It does matter since it costs companies money. With Biometric Fingerprint Technology, that theft can be eliminated.

According to Human Resources Today, payroll theft costs a company a loss of 7%. Part of this can be avoided by using methods that prevent common fraud practices, including using a friend to clock in and out for them or clocking out later than they’re supposed to. This is considered fraud and it can be stopped with effort and technology.

Biometric Fingerprint Technology Does More Than Stop Time Theft

Measures to record employee time can ensure honesty and accountability. The biometric fingerprint technology accurately records time by requiring workers to use their fingerprint to log their time. Once the time is logged, it is uploaded into a cloud-based system that can be accessed by management from any location on any device that has internet access. There is no way to cheat the system.

Even if it is someone who deliberately steals time here and there, the biometric fingerprint technology device and software will help keep them accountable and prevent further theft. By alerting the employer when someone logs in late or clocks out early, their actions will be detected instantly. Then it is impossible to use another person’s credentials to log in for them, which curbs the buddy clock in problem.

The Time Is Now!

The traditional methods of recording employee time included pen and paper or punch cards. Eventually, badges, cards, pin numbers and usernames with passwords were introduced to electronically streamline the employee time tracking and recording process. Still, there was room for inaccuracies with the hours worked and loss of productivity and time. This, over time, impacts money loss by the company.

The Time Is Now!

How To Stop Time FraudWith biometric fingerprint technology, there is no room for mistakes. The top problems with inaccurate employee time tracking have been solved. The employee must be present to log his or her own time worked. If there is a discrepancy, it can be recorded and the employer will be quickly alerted to the problem.

MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint technology is a plug and play device. The process is so easy that employer and employee alike would appreciate the device and software. Everyone wants accountability and this helps keep everyone honest and on the same page. It eliminates the temptation to cheat, and it is simple to correct any possible human error. MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint technology and accompanying software give company’s more control over their clock-in process. It saves time and money all while increasing the accountability of their employees.

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