Stop Employees From Buddy Punching

Employee Cloud Clock Benefits

Can your business capture less than 5% employee loss from employee time clock manipulation? Now you can avoid buddy punching, time/money theft, reduced security and plain data unavailability with MinuteHound technology. MinuteHound provides a cloud-based option that negates the classic punch clock or even computer timekeeping software so prevalent in today’s business economic environment. Privacy and Safety concerns are met, then exceeded.

Each employee login punch is date-stamped and recorded to allow employers simple tracking and QC activity. Automated “punch-in’s” rely on biometric fingerprint technology not available within those classic timekeeping products. MinuteHound bases its product reputation on cloud-technology; most importantly, the ability for live reporting which is accessible from any world-wide connection.

Product Benefits

Completely avoid buddy punching. Tighten up administrator security. Enjoy round-the-clock customer service through MinuteHound. Product price is calculated by Employee Volume/Scanner only. No hidden fees, no marketing ploys, no taxes or tariffs apply. Why? One-time purchase only accompanied by a small monthly fee apply. 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on every scanner. Full refund with return shipping 100% covered on every scanner purchased. No cancellation fee applied. Can terms be better?

128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeBusinesses in diverse industries benefit from the latest technology in employee time-tracking: cloud-based time and attendance systems. What MinuteHound finds is that industries maximize cloud-based applications more than classic, labor-intensive business models. Best practices, streamlined activity, seamless integration across built platforms is key. Industry sectors for healthcare practices, hospitality companies and service corporations are among the many industries using cloud-based time and attendance.

Bottomline: Buddy Punching Can Be Streamlined into Savings

Follow the shift from manual timekeeping to automated, and let MinuteHound provide the business solution. Not only will buddy punching be eliminated, but your time and attendance overall will become error-free and less time consuming. Payroll savings go up and wasted money regarding time fraud stop. No risks involved, cancel anytime. Try MinuteHound out today.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Stops Buddy Punching.

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