What is Facial Recognition Time and Attendance?

Learn More About Facial Recognition Time And Attendance Software You’ve probably become familiar with digital time clocks for your workplace. They are a convenient alternative to paper time sheets saving you on both employee time lost and environmental impact. Digital time and attendance clocks usually come in standard user login format or biometric format. Biometric format time clocks are recommended over standard ones because they require unique employee features to be recorded, and thereby can prevent time theft. Biometric time clocks have usually been fingerprint based, but now facial recognition time clocks are emerging. Fingerprint time clocks are certainly reliable, but there are a few reasons to consider facial ones too.

How Facial Time Clocks Work
Just as fingerprints are completely biologically unique to each person, so are facial features and complete 3D faces. Facial time clocks use 3D scanning technology to capture the employee’s face completely, and it’s then used as the unique identifier to clock them in. All the employee has to do is approach the clock where it can capture their face completely, look into a screen, and wait for the quick scan to finish. Facial scan technology has improved so that the system is not fooled by photos held up to the scanner, and it can usually differentiate between identical twins. Of course, the chances are unlikely that you have identical twins working at your business!

Facial Time Clocks Or Fingerprint Clocks?
Both fingerprint scanning clocks and facial recognition ones have their pros and cons. One reason you may want to go with a facial one is that some fingerprints can be difficult to scan. Another reason is that if you have employees touching the scanner all day and collecting fingerprints on it, that could also make scanning unreliable. Facial scanning on the other hand doesn’t require the device to be touched, and therefore less wear and tear is likely to happen. The downside is it may take just a little longer to complete than fingerprint scanning.

The bottom line is you should go with biometric time and attendance software because it’s time to stop risking time theft, or losing employee login information. You don’t have to break the bank to get a biometric time clock. You can go with an affordable option like the one MinuteHound offers and have it up and running within minutes.

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