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MinuteHound! World’s Best Time Clock

An employee time clock is normally used to track hours and calculate pay. The first time clock was a design that only checked employee’s times. MinuteHound has changed the way businesses operate with their system that takes the time clock to a whole new level. MinuteHound knows that one of the biggest financial losses each year occur because of errors in employee work time. The modern software program and fingerprint scanner by MinuteHound has reduced these problems. Businesses can now save time and money by using a biometric time keeping system.

Biometrics identifies human traits. MinuteHound has taken biometric science and put it into their software program. Their fingerprint scanner takes all the guess work out of who has clocked in. This data can be viewed anywhere using an internet connected device. Time cards are a thing of the past with MinuteHound. Accounting departments are more productive because processing time is reduced. Payroll can be completed quickly and easily with the MinuteHound program.

Time Clock Fraud

It was possible to steal time with the old out dated systems. Using fingerprint technology from MinuteHound stops the fraud. A fingerprint is unique only to that person. This makes identification 100% authentic. The security stops time changers and assures an accurate account from the person clocking in.

MinuteHound versus RFID Time ClockThe MinuteHound time clock takes control of the business. This is done through real time reporting. It allows management to see who is working. The work force can then be adjusted for optimal benefits. Alerts can be programed into the system, making it even more efficient.

Privacy and Security

Employees are assured that their privacy is protected. Each fingerprint in the system has a binary number assigned for security purposes. The fingerprints themselves are not stored. The MinuteHound time clock system has a quick and easy setup. Simply install the software on an existing computer and scan the employee’s fingerprint. It is then ready for use. All the employee does is scan their fingerprint when they arrive and when leaving the workplace. There is no special training required. This allows businesses to get started as soon as the MinuteHound time clock arrives.

A MinuteHound time clock has a design that benefits any size business. It gives companies real time access and offers a foolproof way to manage time and attendance. MinuteHound provides top of the line customer support if needed.

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