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Employee Time and Attendance in The Modern Workplace

Whether you run a small or large office, it’s important to keep track of your employee’s time and attendance. MinuteHound is a cloud-based biometric time clock system that makes it easy to manage your time-keeping responsibilities. It’s also an excellent way to prevent time clock fraud and analyze production needs.

Monitoring Attendance

It’s important to monitor the time and attendance of your staff to ensure all your production goals are met. MinuteHound’s Biometric Time Clock will let you know who is coming into the office as well as who is missing work. The software makes it simple for employees to enter scheduled time off such as holidays and vacation days. Management can easily analyze trends of employees missing work on a routine basis.

Tracking Tardiness

An employee that fails to show up to work on time can affect a company in a negative way. Other workers might be required to stay later until an employee shows up for their shift. An employee is likely to produce below average when they don’t work their full shift. Excessive time and attendance occurrences from multiple employees can prevent companies from reaching production goals. Tardiness also shows a lack of respect for their employer and co-workers. A biometric time clock system can identify which employees are habitually late for work.

Preventing Fraud

Time clock fraud can cost businesses thousands of dollars a year. Employees often falsely report their time to make it seem like they worked more than they actually did. It’s common for workers to leave their shift early and have a co-worker clock out for them. A biometric time clock system uses fingerprint technology to ensure employees are clocking themselves in and out. Businesses always see a decrease in time and attendance problems when they use MinuteHound’s Biometric Time Clock System.

Analyzing Production Needs

Time and Attendance

MinuteHound’s Biometric Time Clock System helps management analyze time and attendance for production needs. Managers can view scheduled absences to see how production could be affected. The software can help management determine which shifts might need more workers to meet production goals. Time and attendance trends can also be analyzed when making decisions about who to let go in times of a layoff or reorganization.

It’s important to monitor the time and attendance of employees to meet production goals. Tracking attendance and tardiness can help management weed out poor employees. Biometric fingerprint technology is an excellent way to prevent time clock fraud. Monitoring time and attendance is also a great way to analyze production needs.

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