What Time Clock Companies Exist. Which Is Best?

Time Clock Companies To Choose From: What Do You Look For?

There are many time clock companies out there, but which is best? Given the sheer number of options out there, that question is difficult to answer. Instead of tackling it head-on, let’s look at the different types of good time clock companies.

Time clock companies that offer a scalable product
Scalability is one indicator of a good product. However, most time clock companies are not scalable. What is scalability? Scalability is the ability to service both big and small business. Many services are geared only towards small businesses or only towards big businesses. The reason why most time clock companies lack scalability is because systems are either too complicated or too simple.

Big businesses with many employees are willing to cope with complexity. Mostly because they have no choice. They have so many employees, locations, and branches of their business that they need a sophisticated system. Small businesses are unwilling to cope with complexity. There is no reason for a small business to deal with a complex system for their simple day to day time tracking needs. There are many time clock companies, but the best of the best should be able to handle the needs of big business while offering a product that is easy to use.

Affordable Time Clock Companies

Affordability is another essential property for the best time clock company. Any product that costs too much for what it offers should not be considered the ideal. Few time clock companies provide scalable product, and even fewer are both scalable and affordable. How can a time clock company be scalable and affordable? Price scaling. charging based on the number of employees is one way to price scale effectively. This allows businesses both big and small to use their time clocks at a price that is fair based on their needs.

Biometric Time Clock Companies

Fingerprint Clock in SystemTime theft accounts for 2-8% of payroll on average. Biometrics eliminate time theft through clocking people in and out using unique biological data. Given the cost and prevalence of time theft, time theft prevention is a must. Biometric technology is the best way to prevent time theft. Meaning, the best time clock company should use biometric technology.

So which time clock company offers it all? MinuteHound! MinuteHound is a biometric time and attendance company that is affordable and scalable. No matter the size of your business MinuteHound is for you. Keep money in your wallet with MinuteHound!

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