Why Every Business Needs New Technology – Web Based Clock

Web Based Clock – Why Do You Need It?

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you might be thinking, “Why do I need to switch to a web based clock from my old mechanical time clock when it’s worked just fine?” With the exception of a few malfunctions here and there, you might be of the opinion that there really isn’t an overwhelming need to upgrade to an automated web based clock. At first glance, it appears to serve your business well, but is it the best solution? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

The Efficiency Paradox
Traditional time clocks may have worked in the past, but they aren’t very efficient now. And as your business starts to grow, they may even become burdensome. Although they function relatively well with a staff of 20 or below, they don’t have the functionality when it comes to a staff of 100 or more. Additional employees means keeping track of more people’s comings and goings. With an increase in payroll processing, the human resource department needs to keep tabs on your employee’s work hour calculations. Salvation lies solely within an attendance software program (web based clock) that can cut manual work in half.

Accuracy Enhancement Using The Web Based Clock

Attendance tracking systems and automated web based clocks deliver enhanced accuracy when recording work hours. It helps avoid unauthorized overtime. In addition it keeps accurate time of when employees arrive and leave as well. Companies can be assured that with an automated web based clock, their businesses will be free of time theft.

Fewer Demands Placed on Payroll
When manual timekeeping is used, the work of payroll personnel is doubled, and with the increase in employees come in the need for additional personnel in payroll. This adds up to more expenses on balance sheets and more files in the filing cabinet. Mounting paperwork is the end result, so there are often delays in the processing of payroll and delivery of payments. This leads to disgruntled employees and a reduction in overall productivity. The integrated payroll features in automated web based clock system reduces time spent on payroll processing and eliminates the additional paperwork.

Productivity Paradox

In the corporate world, it’s possible to have a lot of overcharge charges without the productivity to demonstrate it. Employee productivity has been shown to increase up to 30 percent within the first month of installation of a modernized web based clock. These few reasons alone should be motivation as to why replacing the manual attendance system, with a state-of-the-art web based clock is the best route to go. Reducing operation costs, improving the accuracy of employee attendance and time tracking and saving precious time when it comes to processing payroll are all concerns every business owner has. A web based clock will lighten the load on all parties involved and promote a higher level of efficiency within all departments.

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