Advanced Cloud Based Design – The Web Timeclock

The Web Timeclock Basics

If you are unsatisfied with the experience you have with your current time clock solution, it is time to consider a more technologically advanced system. MinuteHound is just such a system, with an advanced cloud-based design to give you unprecedented oversight, convenience, and value. There are two main forms of MinuteHound. The first is the fingerprint scanner. It attaches to any computer and included the software. Each employee punches in and out with the scanner. Our system records exact biometric data for each worker and can generate reports about which of them are chronically noncompliant.

The other form is the web timeclock. If you would prefer not to use the scanner, the web timeclock is even simpler to use. Employees sign in using an online interface, which they can access using a computer or mobile device. The web timeclock tracks the IP address of the device they used, so you know if they were onsite or not at the time they punch in.

The Web Timeclock Requires No Downloads

Both the web timeclock and the scanner have precise timestamps for each employee’s activity. You can sign in to the cloud from anywhere in the world and get reports on your whole workforce in detail. You can even configure MinuteHound’s software so that it will automatically notify you, your employee, or both if that employee is noncompliant with their shift.

All web timeclock data is encrypted to prevent hackers from gaining access to it. Hacks and breaches have been in the news quite a bit for the last few years, so MinuteHound uses extremely strong 128-bit encryption so that your data does not fall into the wrong hands. With MinuteHound, there is no physical inventory of cards. That means you can save on space. When you break down the cost of service, it is a savings in cost terms as well. Moreover, because the software solution scales seamlessly, it is much easier to manage large teams than it would be if you were still using a paper timeclock.

New Technology – New Idea – The Web Timeclock

It is easy to learn MinuteHound, and all of the software is plug and play. That cuts down on how much time you need to spend setting it up and training your employees in its use. The web timeclock is simple and fast and is always available thanks to the cloud. A mechanical timeclock can break down and be out of service. If you ever need support or have a question about the web timeclock, around the clock support is available. Replacing a physical timeclock with a web timeclock might feel odd at first, but it is the logical next step from a technological perspective. Don’t fall behind the curve: try MinuteHound and revolutionize your time use overnight.

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