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Large crowds are usually the norm at public venues such as sports stadiums and fairgrounds, as well as at celebratory events such as weddings. When looked at from a commercial viewpoint, it’s always better to have a full house, or in terms of a wedding, the more, the merrier. But with excessive crowding at public events, crowd management can become quite chaotic, if not impossible. This is where fingerprint attendance software comes in handy.

Most brides want a huge wedding and as such, keeping track of who has arrived can be tricky. And since most reception halls bill per head, it’s important to have an accurate headcount. Using a MinuteHound fingerprint attendance verification system alleviates the need to do a manual headcount. As your guests arrive, all they need to do is touch their finger on the scanner to verify they’ve arrived and find their designated seat. Not only does the help facilitate seating at the reception, but it also helps to dissuade disgruntled exes and distant relatives from ruining your big day. A fingerprint attendance system takes care of guests for you so you can focus all your energy on your special day! It is very simple. Before the big event, all the event coordinator or whoever can input the guest list into the system. That way, whenever guests/vendors start to arrive. They can be verified on the list and enrolled into the system! Simple, painless, and 100% accurate!

Coordinating Events with Fingerprint Attendance

Event coordinators wear many different hats during the organization of events including creating layouts, providing optimal customer service and maintaining liaisons with those attending. Keeping tabs on who’s coming and who’s not is a major responsibility. Even the smallest change in the layout of a venue can lead to a disaster. Unauthorized entry and overcrowding can be nipped in the bud with a fingerprint attendance system. Managing crowd levels is a cinch with a MinuteHound fingerprint attendance scanner because only those on the list can be enrolled. Fingerprint attendance ensures accuracy. If someone was left off the list by accident, can always add. But if not, very easy to know who is supposed to be on property and who is not.

Manage Staff w/ The Attendance Management ProgramMinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance software can be implemented into virtually every type of venue you or event you are planning to host. It’s precise real-time reporting not only captures each attendant’s fingerprint instantly, but it also gives you and your guests the extra level of security by safely storing those captured fingerprints on the cloud. Don’t think it could get get any better? Yes, it can! The fact of the matter is the fact that as an event manager, you don’t need to worry about remaining stationary to verify all of your guests. You have the ability to move about your venue and still check who has arrived with MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance system on you mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance software is changing the way events are organized. From 200 people at a wedding reception to 1,000 at a corporate event, MinuteHound has you covered. The best part, at the end of the event you can print out reports and email it to your client. Simple, fast, accurate and paperless!

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