Why Use An Attendance System Using RFID? Biometrics Are Better

Security Problems With an Attendance System Using RFID

Implementing an attendance system using RFID technology may end up costing you more time and money than you originally thought. An attendance system using RFID is prone to all kinds of errors. Fingerprint readers provide a much better and safer alternative. With a fingerprint reader, your business time and attendance solution can follow you anywhere. If you need to move, change locations or set up a new company, you can do so with one unit.

RFID Systems Aren’t Reliable
An RFID system can get interference from objects nearby that emit radiowaves. The network can get jammed by nearby Wi-Fi networks and cell phones. Also, many systems are built to be used in a specific location. This means that an attendance system using RFID can’t be moved to take attendance at a new location. If you have a company event or need to move the system to another temporary work location, you won’t be able to with an RFID system. An RFID reader also might have problems when too many employees are waiting in line to clock in. If the attendance system using RFID detects more than one badge an error can occur causing delays.

Security Issues
New and Improved Time Stamp MachineAn attendance system using RFID requires your employees to leave work with a card that can be read by other RFID machines. Data can be stolen about your employee with the right reader as little as a few feet away. While special pouches for time cards can be used to prevent this issue, there are going to be times when your employees don’t follow protocols. This can put your employee at risk and potentially make your company liable for a data breach. Some tags can be turned off when the employee leaves the facility, but there is always potential for information theft with an attendance system using RFID. There are numerous scenarios where an attendance system using RFID could hurt your business or cause the loss of employee data. It’s better to use a safe system that relies on your employee fingerprint to protect your data and employees.

USB Fingerprint Readers
A USB fingerprint reader safely and securely scans your employees fingerprint when they walk in the door. Information gets stored securely on a server using 128-bit encryption. Managers can track employee hours and attendance from anywhere with an Internet connection. With a fingerprint reader from MinuteHound, you no longer have to wonder if an employee really arrived at work on time. You also don’t need to keep inventory, or securely wipe RFID cards when an employee leaves or a new employee begins. Don’t put your employees and company at risk by getting an attendance system using RFID that doesn’t provide the security needed to protect employee information.

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