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RFID Time and Attendance Systems Cost More Thank You Think

RFID time and attendance systems seem like a good way to keep track of your employees. The concept is simple enough, you give an employee an RFID enabled patch that they use to clock in and out. RFID time and attendance systems can cost more money than you think. It costs money when you need to replace badges, cards and readers. You also have to weigh the potential risk involved with losing an RFID device. RFID devices can be read by a compatible RFID reader. This puts your employees at risk when walking down the street. Additionally, an employee can cheat the RFID time and attendance system by having a coworker clock them out if they leave early.

Alternatives to RFID Time and Attendance Systems
Use a fingerprint reader rather than an RFID time and attendance system. MinuteHound provides fingerprint readers that can instantly identify the employee by their fingerprint. Information then gets saved online an can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. Data gets sent safely using 128-bit encryption. Managers can check whether employees are logging in and out on time even while away from the office. There are no cards, badges or RFID time and attendance devices to manage. This means if a card gets lost, you don’t have to worry about someone getting access to your employees data. Fingerprint reader systems are simple to install and don’t have the same compatibility issues that RFID readers have. DRFID time and attendance devices can be damaged regularly. When a device gets damaged, somebody has to take the time to deactivate the old card and create a new card. With a fingerprint reader, there is no inventory to manage and your employee can clock in and out with just their thumbprint.

Time Theft: A Real Concern
Fingerprint Punch Clocks Vs. Badge CardsTime card fraud takes an average of two years to detect. So even if you do find an employee cheating the system. Chances are, that the employee has already made a substantial amount of money from the company. Stopping time theft should be a primary concern for all business owners. RFID time and attendance systems don’t solve the problem. To solve the problem, you must have a manager either watch your employees clock in and out every second of the day. Or, you can install a simple USB fingerprint reader. When an employee leaves for the day, they run their finger over the pad. Managers can get notifications if an employee clocks in late, or doesn’t clock in at all. This makes it possible to follow up and ensure that the employee doesn’t get paid for time not spent at work. It gives managers more automated power over the control of time and attendance in the workplace.

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