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How Does a Windows Time Clock Lower Payroll Costs?

The old way of tracking employee hours relied on punch cards and outdated machinery. An employee could come to work late by asking a friend to punch his time card. MinuteHound time clock software uses fingerprint scanning to ensure employee honesty. You can check a Windows time clock from any computer in the world because MinuteHound software lets you monitor employee attendance through a cloud-based system.

Windows Time Clock Eliminates Errors
One of the most common ways businesses lose money is through time card errors. MinuteHound software removes errors by instantly recording employee shifts using a digital fingerprint signature. A Windows time clock connects you to your business from any location over the Internet. You can see who is clocked in at any moment by logging in to the system and reading the names of your employees. Your business saves time and money on payroll processing, and you can be sure your employees don’t manipulate your payroll with buddy punching.

How Does Buddy Punching Affect Businesses?
Traditional time cards allow employees to punch in for each other. Buddy punching means you have to pay two employees for work that only one person does. This type of payroll manipulation adds up over the payroll period, but Windows time clock software stops it before it happens. Employees can’t punch in for each other because MinuteHound technology requires a unique fingerprint ID. The advanced scanner is simple to use and matches an employee’s fingerprint with a digital code held in a database. As soon as your employee scans his finger, the Windows time clock lets you see his name in the system.

No More Unapproved Overtime
Internet Based Time TrackingIt’s hard to argue with the money you save by preventing unapproved overtime and other forms of wage theft. A MinuteHound time clock system only costs a few pennies a day to operate and saves you an average of five percent on payroll costs. Switching to a Windows time clock doesn’t require any costly training for you or your employees. The investment pays for itself after just a few payroll cycles. Knowing who is really coming to work on time lets you make scheduling adjustments that make your business more efficient.

Automatic Attendance Reports
Since employee clock-in times are recorded in a computer, a Windows time clock allows you to print detailed attendance reports. These reports show you statistics and graphical representations of your employees’ hours and attendance. You can keep a hard copy of your payroll details on file in your official records. Being able to see these numbers from a new perspective puts you in a better position to make important scheduling decisions. A Windows time clock solves multiple problems that businesses face every day.

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