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Biometric Time Recording For Your Workplace

Traditional time clocks are becoming obsolete. Technology is hastening this. Minutehound’s biometric time recording represents the path forward. They save money. They provide better security. Most importantly, they turn time cards into big data.

Biometric Time Recording Saves Money
Biometric time recording software saves money. It reduces time theft. Time theft occurs when a worker incorrectly adds to their time worked, pads hours, and any other form of being paid for time not actually worked. It reduces buddy punching. This is when a friend punches the time clock for their friend. These losses can be large. Biometric time recording stops this. There are many waste examples in old time clocks. Biometric time recording gives a clear record of the time that workers were working. If a worker is clocked in, they are present.

Biometric Time Recording Is Better Security

Biometric time recording helps security by ending problems like buddy punching. It gives a level of security for the company. An accurate list of employees on duty is available at all times in case of an emergency. If there is a need to evacuate the premises, foremen have a complete list of the employees on the job. Foremen don’t need to gather paper records in an emergency. Companies can put a biometric time recording clock at the entrance and exit.

Data Is Actionable
Big data is the future. Biometric time recording turns the time clock into actionable data. The data can be used to make production plans. It can find the true cost of production. Time data analysis can show where time waste occurs. It shows areas that can be improved. It can show where time bottlenecks happen. Foremen have accessible data for employee reviews. They can deal with workers having tardiness issues. Managers have easy to access data. They can ensure that proper staffing levels are maintained. Overtime can be calculated quickly.

Biometric time recording is the future. It means less time waste. It means better data. It means better security. It will save money. Minutehound is leading the way with their biometric time clocks. Businesses using technology can always see better results.

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