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Advantages of Web Clock Timekeeping

If you’ve ever had to punch in and out for work on a mechanical timeclock, you’re probably aware of the inherent problems of the antiquated system. Firstly, the process of going to one central location to punch a timecard is an inefficient use of labor. The time spent walking to a work station from the timeclock is wasted paid time. Conversely, employees tend to leave their work station early to arrive just in time to clock out at the end of their shift. These unproductive minutes can easily add up to an hour or more per week per employee.

Secondly, there’s the problem of timeclock manipulation. One employee can punch another’s card to give them credit for hours not worked or to disguise a problem with tardiness. In actuality, its employee theft and should be dealt with accordingly.

The Web Clock Strategy

Those timekeeping problems can now been resolved with new technology using a cloud-based time clock web. Companies like MinuteHound have developed attendance and timekeeping systems that resolve all of the old problems of keeping laborious bookkeeping records, making payroll errors, inefficiency and employee time manipulation using a mechanical time clock system.

Utilizing finger print recognition technology created for security scanning, clock web systems allow employees to check in and out of work with a mere touch of their finger. This system prevents anyone other than the employee from activating the time clock. And because clock web programs uses a small device that attaches to each worker’s computer, the work day begins and ends at the work station, not at some distance time clock station.

Since the data is stored in a clock web cloud program, management has instant access to the work-force information from anywhere in the world. Managers have a constant picture of which who and how many workers are on board. Shortages or overages in staffing can be fixed much quicker by managers who have a clock web system in operation. In the human resources area, employees with tardiness or absentee problems that conflict with company policy can be disciplined sooner, allowing them to either shape up or ship out.

Web Clock Is Easy to Use and Get Started

The payroll department requires less staffing with a clock web program.
The labor intensive task of inputing data from a physical timecard into a computer system is eliminated when the data goes from the employees fingerprint directly into the computer via the internet. Also, payroll errors are reduced to near zero levels using cloud clock web. MinuteHound is a welcome saving in irritation for employees and management alike.

Records show that web clock programs can save from 2-8% from your payroll department payroll. Added to the larger savings of payroll hours no longer being wasted between the work station and a central mechanical time clock station, the overall savings should prompt any company to analyze the cost benefits of clock web systems.

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